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Meditation - The Inner Discovery !

The London Meditation Team

welcomes you all to the forthcoming big event

Man God & the Universe

A rare expos by a Scientist of the Inner World

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Man, God & Universe, three words which have always bewildered man!

Where has the universe come from?

Who or what has caused it?

What is the role of man in this universal drama?

Such a subject still baffles the scientific world today where there are theories upon theories, but no one has any clear insight or even any experience of it! Swami Paramananda, an accomplished Meditation Master has experience it in its totality! The answers to all these thought-provoking questions are not three, but in fact one!

How to book my place:
Email us at leaving your full name & quote "MGU 2014" & also tells us where you heard about us.

Do I need to pay anything:
Event is free & open to the public to attend.
Donations are welcomed to support our charity organiser

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Although many recent scientific discoveries seem to support already known spiritual realities, let it however be clear that religion does not need science to prove the insights, experiences and revelations propounded by mystics, prophets and incarnations of God. Science is a mind affair while religion is beyond mind. Science reasons, calculates and makes hypotheses while religion surrenders and remains silent till the Lord, through intuition, fecundates the silent mind with knowledge. While science is investigating the outer world, religion is the exploration and experience of the inner world. Therefore to an extent, religion is scientific because the Universe is governed by laws, but beyond the laws is the Absolute Reality.

Mysticism starts with the state of no-thought from where the whispers of eternity are heard. The quality and length of inner silence bring forth results accordingly. Thus, many mystics have had revelations of different areas and aspects of life and in different degrees. Knowledge is infinite and each mystic receives his lot, but how to put into words that which is beyond words! The only solution is to invite those who are thirsty to reflect deeply and develop intense curiosity and doubt to the point that they start their own search to discover and experience that which is beyond words. The whole emphasis here is Meditation. The practice of Meditation will slowly move the veil away from the Mind to give you a glimpse of the beyond!

Both science and religion begin with awe and curiosity, but religion is beyond science. In fact, religion is the science of the Beyond and it transcends the material realm of scientists.

All those who attend the event will also be able to buy the book, Man God & the Universe which has been a worldwide hit.

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