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Turn your gaze within & know all the secrets of life

The London Meditation Team

welcomes you all to the forthcoming event

Man God & the Universe

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Man God & the Universe

Three words which have always bewildered man! Where has the universe come from? Who or what has caused it? What is the role of man in this universal drama? Such a subject still baffles the scientific world today where there are theories upon theories, but no one with any experience of it! Here, Swami Paramananda, an accomplished Meditation Master has realized & experience it in its totality! The answers to all these thought-provoking questions are not three, but in fact one!

Join us for this mystical event on the 24th of August!

Do I need to pay anything:

Event is free & open to the public to attend.
Donations are welcomed to support our charity

How to book my place:

Email us at leaving your full name & quote "MGU 2014" & also tells us where you heard about us. We will send you an email reminder just prior to the event.

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All those who attend the event will be able to buy the book, Man God & the Universe which has been a worldwide bestseller.

the book

Brief Synopsis from the book - " Mysteries of the Universe are unraveled, secrets of human existence are unveiled, the reality of God is established a painstaking, almost superhuman feat accomplished from a purely logical & scientific point of view. This book is the meeting point of two extremes, abridge of the parallels, for in it, Science and Religion merge into an incredible unity & have a common goal that of reaching TRUTH."

All proceeds to UK registered charity 1111821


For bookings, email:

Further Information:

Phone: 07583139374 or 07858072696

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All proceeds go directly to SGAS UK Charity
(SGAS UK Charity registration No. 1111821)