Foam Massage Rollers, Muscle Rollers & Massage Rollers

You’ve just come in from a jog or the latest cardio class at the gym, and that twinge in your lower back is acting up again. You bend and stretch your way across the living room, but the nagging tug doesn’t disappear on its own—if anything, it seems to be getting worse. What’s your best remedy for such a flare-up? A foam roller, champ.

What is a foam roller, you may ask? Used by runners, athletes, and pretty much anyone who’s feeling stiff in spots (hello, entire world), massage rollers target tight, overworked muscles though a process called myofascial release: a type of soft tissue therapy that relaxes contracted muscles, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulates the stretch reflex. The sensation is often compared to a deep-tissue massage of the hurts-so-good caliber, and regular use can help prevent further injury, as well as improve performance through increased flexibility. #winwin

Need more convincing? Recent sports medicine research shows that not only are muscle rollers easing soreness, improving range of motion, and enhancing recovery, but they’re also providing users with a sense of mental calm and control, which can reduce cortisol levels (our stress-related hormone). In turn, these positive mental states have a direct effect on performance. Think of it this way: When we feel better, we do better—and when we do better, we feel better. Now there’s a train we can all hop aboard.

We hear your next question already: How do you use a foam roller? It’s easy—and kinda fun! Place the roller on the floor (or against the wall, if you want to remain upright) and use your body weight to press the affected muscles over the roller.

So how can we help? Lots of ways. Browse our Foam Roller collection and you’ll see there’s a little something for everyone. From nubbly rollers to target those nagging trigger points to smooth rollers offering a full-body stretch, we bring you a world of relief.